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[Accepted, in print]

Sowing Hate, Cultivating Loyalists

Mobilizing Repressive Nationalist Diaspora for Transnational Repression

Kennedy Chi-pan Wong

This paper examines the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as a case study, demonstrating how the state leverages nationalist sentiments to alienate dissidents and fuel enmity among its loyalists overseas.

Journal of International Migration and Integration

Leaving the Homeland Again for My Family’s Future

Post-return Migration Among Hong Kong Canadians

Kennedy Chi-pan Wong, Miu Chung Yan

This study attempts to explain how the interplay of the changing life-course needs of family and societal contexts influence decision-making processes in post-return migration.

Social Transformations in Chinese Societies

From Helmets to Face Masks

How Collective Emotions Sustain Diaspora Mobilization From Homeland Uprising to Global Pandemic Among the Hong Kongers

Kennedy Chi-pan Wong

This paper examines how diasporas construct the language of collective emotions to sustain their commitment when homeland movements cease during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UBC Hong Kong Studies Initiative

After the Protest

A Vancouver Archive of the Umbrella Movement

Leo Shin, Kennedy Chi-pan Wong, et al.

This project is to create a publicly accessible oral history archive, both as a means to learn about the impacts of the Umbrella Movement but also as a way to better understand the Hong Kong community in Vancouver.

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