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Peer-Reviewed Publications
Book Publication


Wong, Kennedy Chi-pan and Aqua Tsang.

看不見的城市人: 無家者的城市生活

(The Invisible Citizens: Urban Life of the Homeless).

Hong Kong: Hypermedia Press.

Honors and Awards


Second Place Achievement in the Social Sciences

National Collegiate Research Conference,

Harvard University, MA, United States.


Faces of Today Award

UBC Student Leadership Conference,

the University of British Columbia, Canada.


American Sociological Association (ASA) Honors Program
The 113th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA),

Philadelphia, PA, United States.


International Community Achievement Awards

The University of British Columbia, Canada.


Second Place of the Oral presentation

the 2016 Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference,

The University of British Columbia, Canada.


Community Project Award: "Seeds of Good Deeds"

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Works in Progress

Wong, Kennedy Chi-pan.

Typology of Homelessness: the Construction of Deviance and Social Distrust in High Rent and Neoliberal Metropolitans.

Status: submitted and under review.


Wong, Kennedy Chi-pan and Miu Chung Yan.

Cultivating ‘Our’ Futures: An Integrated Approach to Examine

Re-return Migration among the Hong Kong Canadians.

Status: writing article manuscript.


Wong, Kennedy Chi-pan.

I Work Hard to Find My Home: Reconstructing the “Undeserving Poor” Narratives Among the Homeless in Neoliberal Welfare States.

Status: writing article manuscript.

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