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Schedule a Meeting with me

To all my students,
Due to the unprecedented pandemic, we have moved our classroom into a "hybrid" setting. While we may have some hybrid classes that involve in-person meetings, some of you are still staying in a different country and joining us virtually, and asynchronously. 

To better support your learning throughout this semester, I free up most of my Wednesday so that you could find the best available time in your time zone to meet me "virtually." If you want to schedule an appointment with me, please pick a date and time in the following embedded calendar. For other inquires, please email me directly!

Please stay safe and healthy!


Kennedy Chi-pan Wong,
Department of Sociology,
The University of Southern California



HSH 220,

851 Downey Way 
Hazel & Stanley Hall 314
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1059


Thanks! Message sent.

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